Mercie’s Companion Services

Mercie’s Companion Services is a homemaker and companion solution. Registration# 236703

Are you an individual in need of help with errands or doing chores around the house? Are you a family member or friend concerned about a loved one that needs to be checked on regularly or from time to time? Mercie’s Companion Services may be able to help!

What are Homemaker and Companion services?

A homemaker does general household chores that include housekeeping, cooking, shopping assistance, laundry, and other routine household tasks. Companions provide clients with meaningful relationships by visiting and spending time at their home or accompanying them to appointments or other outings. 

Since homemaker and companion services relate to household chores and companionship services only, Mercie’s Companion Services does not provide any hands-on personal care to a client. Personal care refers to activities such as providing assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, or personal hygiene. Personal care also refers to assistance in physical transfer, ambulation, or administering medication, including oxygen. In the client’s home, these activities are reserved for licensed home health agencies.

What type of assistance is provided by Mercie’s Companion Services?

Mercie’s Companion Services include:

    • Companionship through conversation, card and board games, reading;
    • Light housekeeping and laundry;
    • Running errands (i.e. to the post office or picking up prescriptions);
    • Grocery shopping (with or without the client);
    • Planning and preparing meals;
    • Reminding clients to start and finish their meals;
    • Giving medication reminders;
    • Writing or typing correspondence with client;
    • Retrieving, organizing, opening, and reading mail;
    • Assisting with various forms of pet care;
    • Assist clients with staying in touch with family and friends;
    • Accompany client to social events;
    • Other services, dependent upon the scope of the client’s need(s).

For family members and concerned loved ones who live afar, we are here to assist you with your peace of mind. We will be more than happy to check-in on your loved one from time-to-time (or on a more regular basis) if you feel they could benefit from one or more services listed above.


Whether you are looking for services for yourself or a loved one, there are options. The team at Mercie’s Companion Services will be happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us here so that we can discuss options that may be available to you.