Welcome to Lamercie Health Care

Lamercie Health Care is an organization aiming to bridge the gap between vulnerable populations and essential home and community-based programs.

Lamercie Health Care provides the following alternative solutions:

Mercie’s Place – an adult family care home solution. 

Mercie’s Companion Services – a homemaker and companion solution.

Our vision is to become the premier alternative solution for long-term care needs within our communities.

Our mission is to provide alternative solutions through a family-centered approach, achieved by being receptive to an individual’s needs and by supporting loved-ones to help restore peace of mind. 

Our plan to fulfill our vision and mission encompasses educating our communities, and giving individuals and their families resources to help them make more informed decisions.

Our purpose is to help make the transition between independence and reliance less complicated.

What is an alternative solution? Alternative solutions can be defined as a set of choices addressing a specific problem. Here at Lamercie Health Care, we seek to help those in the community identify their choices when it comes to addressing their long-term care needs.

When people think of long-term care, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a nursing, or an “old folks”, home. These types of facilities, while they do help address certain types of long-term care needs – it is definitely not the only option. Depending on an individual’s specific situation, there may be other choices, or “alternative solutions”, that can address many of the same long-term care needs.

Lamercie Health Care is certified by the State of Florida as a Woman, Minority, and Veteran owned business.